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An unapologetic newsletter about life dilemmas. This newsletter is diary-like essays, filled with unfiltered thoughts, plus curated internet finds worth sharing (you may like it too). And guest writers with a lot to add to diversify our insights.

Life is all about conversations, people, and experiences; the goal here is to write about the great, the bad, and the ugly dilemmas that happen in life and inside our heads. You can expect a lot of food for thought and that great feeling you have after chatting for hours with a loved one.

About who is behind it..

I'm Marina Marques, a woman not made for small talks and also a writer, advocate for equality and inclusion, speaker, content creator, overthinker, people watcher, and wannabe (great) chef. 

Everything in my path was built to take me here, the desire to create collective conversations, so we can reflect and evolve together. My marketing, consulting, and consumer behavior background made me realize that my real passion is communication, which I should have known before as a Latina. After all, I never run away from a positive confrontational conversation with a pinch of drama.

Uncomfortable conversations are the best! 

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I wanna know more..

Ok! Suppose you want to deep dive inside the world of collectively evolving check out GLOOW.co, a platform for content that matters. Conversations that amplify the power of equality and inclusion by celebrating the beauty of uniqueness.

And remember, the best version of ourselves is what we have today.

It's time to stop chasing the ideal.

Every day is the day to read, learn and reflect on something. Let’s GLOOW together!

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A woman not made for small talks, let's get deep!